How to Find Your Own Personal Home Style

This is a difficult question for anyone, even me! I’m going to simplify this for you.

So, where does one even start? All we want is a home with a style we love, that reflects who we are, is it really so hard to figure out?  Yes. But not when you know this one trick I discovered by default.

I came upon this realization one evening as I sat with a friend drinking a cappuccino next to a fireplace at my absolute most favorite bougie lounge in Los Angeles. You know the kind, dark walls with wainscoting, dimly lit Spanish chandeliers dangling from the tongue and groove ceiling. Not many customers were there. Just a few other patrons in suits surely reading the Wall Street Journal over an afternoon Manhattan sitting casually at the bar.

My friend said to me “This reminds me of your house.”

I was super complimented, and then I thought about it.  Every place that I consider to be my “favorite” has this similar look. Dark, textured walls, old world charm, elegant, dark browns, greys, black marble, chandeliers, black and white checkered flooring, candles.

And so does my home.

I noticed I prefer to spend time in places that all have the same look , and that look inspires me. So for instance, I also notice that I rarely spend time or choose to spend time in places that are all white and modern. And I notice I don’t have one white room in my home!

There is a connection between the places we love to go, and the way our home looks.

This is an out of the box way to find your personal home style that totally checks out.

So, what’s your home style?

Try this: Make a list of your TOP 5 restaurants & Hotels in the world. Make notes about what you love about each place, and you WILL find a common theme/look/style/feeling… and THAT’S YOUR STYLE.

From there you can begin to implement that style into your home.

It really is that easy.


1.    Make a list of your top 5 restaurants/hotels in the world.

2.    Visit them again if possible, and really observe what you love about the spaces.

3.    Make a list of everything you are connecting to about each place.

4.    Circle all commonalities from the different buildings and rooms.

5.    Notice and embrace the discoveries and realize this is the environment you want to be in and are inspired by. This is “YOUR HOME STYLE.”

6.    Implement this look into your home!

If you are feeling inspired by this assignment, don’t stop at hotels and restaurants. Go ahead and find photos or artwork that also inspire you.  There will be a common theme there too!

Here are hotels, restaurants and images of places and rooms that all have a look I absolutely love.  I have taken the commonalities and incorporated them into my home.

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