What Is Virtual Design?

What in the Heck is Virtual Design Anyway?

I’ll meet you virtually in the room you want designed for a flat fee.  This is achieved by using your CELL PHONE. It’s like I’m in the room with you, because I am…I’m just on your phone via FACE TIME or WHATSAPP.   The results are THE SAME as if I physically went into your home. 

Yes, this is correct. I design your home ONLINE!  Think about it. You get to stay home ( in your sweats if you’re like me) AND get your home designed!  A lot of people ask, “How on earth is it possible to design a room online…Doesn’t a designer NEED to visit my home in order to design it?”


I’m here to set you at ease!

Virtual Design is not only possible, it’s preferable and provides the EXACT SAME results as a designer who visits your home.

This is how Virtual Design works

·       We begin with a free FaceTime/WhatsApp consultation in the room you wish designed.

·       I design & send you an Inspiration Board of the “new look” for your space which will look something like this. 

·       A Measuring Appointment is scheduled where we meet via FaceTime/WhatsApp. This is where we measure the room so I know what size items to find.

·       I search & find new furniture & décor items for your room within the specified dimensions.

·       A Design Board is created using EXACT pieces for the room.

·       I send link of all new items for you to purchase.

·       Once items arrive, YOU place them in the room.

Take a look at these Virtual Design pics of a client’s HOME OFFICE. I never went to his home.


This office took a few weeks to complete because I found a special paint for the room that could only be bought in LA. Once that was in… the rest was smooth sailing & completed quickly.

I began by doing a FaceTime appointment with him. Here I got a sense of his needs for the space and of his personal style & budget.  Like most of my clients he did not want to spend a TON of money, but he did want the office to look beautiful. Luckily, this is my specialty.

We spent about an hour measuring AND taping the room.  Taping means getting that blue painter’s tape they have at hardware stores and using it all over the room so we can get a sense of the size of the items in the room I’m considering purchasing.

This involves:

1.    Measuring and taping the dimensions for a new desk in the room

2.    Measuring and taping the size of a new floor rug

3.    Measuring and taping the size of new art pics for the wall

The final result?

Well… have a look!

This room took around 2 weeks and cost my client around $2000 for everything:



*accent chairs

*accent table



*whiskey glassware

*new window treatment

How do I know If Virtual Design is right for me?

·       You want to save money.

·       You don’t mind getting involved in the design of the space (this means comfortable taking measurements, approving new items).

·       You are comfortable using FaceTime/WhatsApp.

·       You desire to be connected with the designer while working together via texting inspiration pics, ideas, questions, etc.

If you’re unsure if Virtual Design is right for you or have any questions about my Virtual Design services please reach out to me.

I love hearing from you!

To schedule a free consultation with Alexis click here.


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What Is Virtual Design?

What in the Heck is Virtual Design Anyway? I’ll meet you virtually in the room you want designed for a flat fee.  This is achieved