virtual design

what is virtual design?


I’ll meet you virtually in the room you want designed for a flat fee using ZOOM or FACE TIME. The results are THE SAME as if I physically went into your home. 

What kinds of virtual Design options are there?

The Blank Slate

This is great for anyone who has just moved into a new home, is starting from scratch, has little to no furniture/decor and needs a style implemented fluidly throughout.

The Re-design

If you want to give your space a facelift this option is for you. We’ll keep some furniture & decor you have but we’ll also be purchasing new items.

furniture rearrangement

If you’re on a super shoe- string budget, and want a new room but can’t spend the money on furniture & décor right now, No problem! I will help you re-arrange your furniture so it looks and feels new and different.

how does virtual design work?

is virtual design right for me?

Yes! If you…


(pricing based off 10 hours per room)

1 Room $750 excluding the cost of furniture/décor

what clients say

“A man’s home is a direct reflection of his mind.” – unknown

what makes me oh-so-different than other virtual design places?

You Are a vip

When I first discovered Virtual Design I noticed so many, if not all the other companies out there have very limited communication with their “client’s”.

This isn’t possible when delivering quality.

Imagine hiring an interior designer to come to your home and she walks around for thirty minutes and then you never see her again. You soon receive a few floor plans and links to furniture pieces. Where does everything go? You have questions, why can’t you reach out to the designer? That’s what these companies offer, and that’s what I REFUSE to do!

The most effective way to design a room via Zoom/FaceTime is to have frequent contact/communication with the client. I only operate from the standpoint of YOU ARE A VIP. We will have consistent communication because the only goal is to give you a home you dream about, and that’s only possible if we work together, communicating.

I truly, truly care about you and your home. I care about each and every one of you and I treat you like a VIP because to me, YOU ARE A VIP. You are amazing and I’m THRILLED to be working with you and you will feel it.

Communication is key to designing a space and I’m determined to get inside your head and give you what you’re dreaming about.

When you work with me this is what you receive:

A note from me…

I’m thrilled you’re considering my Virtual Design service as this is the most affordable way to design your home & with the same outcome as if I was there in person…a stunning home.

That being said, because we’re working together virtually, mistakes are bound to happen sometimes. Online orders may arrive late or not at all or show up broken. Online orders also may take longer than expected. We may realize we don’t like how the item looks in person and return it… My point is please be flexible & have realistic expectations, all considering.

If you can do that, it’ll be smooth sailing!