Whether you’re looking to organize your entire home or just a room, I can help you virtually via Zoom/FaceTime or in-person if you live in Nashville or Franklin, TN. They are both equally effective.

types of organization

I offer two types of organization: the KonMari® Method, and the 1 Room Method.

KonMari® Method

“A dramatic Re-organization of the home is life transforming.”
– Marie Kondo

The KonMari® method was created by a Japanese woman named Marie Kondo, tidying expert, best-selling author and star of the television series TIDYING UP on Netflix.

As a certified KonMari® consultant, my job is to guide you every step of the way through this especially specific yet rewarding and life changing process.

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"Lucky is she whose home steals her heart.” – unknown

1 Room Method

Feelin like doin ‘just the kitchen’, or ‘just the closet?’! As a busy woman myself, I completely understand this so, I offer the “1-room method” which guarantees complete organization in the Room of your choice. 

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$50/hr (online or local)

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