I have been in the interior design industry for over 20 years, as a tv host on HGTV & TLC, a residential interior designer and as an instructor. It is with great pleasure that I write a review for Alexis Peters. As her instructor at The Academy of Home Staging and Design, I was lucky enough to get to know Alexis first as a student, then as a colleague. During the certification classes, she won the respect of other instructors, her peers and vendors in our Industry. Her attention to detail and creativity won her top awards. After Alexis completed her certification classes, I was Impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success. I am confident her passion for the industry and her creativity will be a constant source of inspiration to her clients and peers.

Wanda Colon

Interior Designer & Host on HGTV and TLC

Alexis and I have been colleagues since the beginning of her career. When we collaborate on a project, she always has a clear vision and a distinct sense of style. Her passion and insight are evident in her work. I trust Alexis with design decisions and admire her ability to bring harmony to a space with her outside-the-box thinking.

Laura Cazier

Interior Designer

Alexis has such a fantastic eye for color and design and I am so grateful for her expertise every step of the way.

Teddy Heidt

I had concerns about doing Virtual Design, but it didn’t hurt the process in any way. Alexis transformed my home into a dream home! am forever grateful to Alexis, she has changed my life and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

janet lee

Alexis has a great eye and a love for all things design! She is an amazing talent with out-of-the-box ideas.

Kim Kapellusch

owner of The Academy of Home Staging and Design

Alexis was the designer we always wanted but did not know existed. We’re absolutely positive that we saved thousands of dollars working with Alexis. If it were not for her, we probably would have spent thousands of dollars more on furniture and décor items that we did not need, did not work, and would ultimately return. We used to dread designing a home and Alexis made it enjoyable!

Keegan & Scott Robinson

In a word, my experience with Alexis was outstanding! I always felt like my project was priority to her. Each room flows seamlessly into the next.

Patty Ulczycki

I have a nearly 4,500 square foot house that was missing something that I couldn’t put my finger on. Luckily I was put in contact with Alexis. Within no time she was able to identify what my home was missing. She quickly and efficiently put together what was needed. She not only increased the warmth and welcoming of the open spaces but also the rooms themselves. I’ve received nothing but compliments from friends and family ever since. I highly recommend Alexis.
John Todorovich
Working with Alexis was such a great experience. Alexis helped transform my home into such a special space that fits with my lifestyle using the KonMari® method and her killer eye for design. I never imagined I would LOVE the insides of my drawers this much.

Kim DiNino

I can’t say enough great things about working with Alexis. She was professional, flexible, and easy to work with throughout the entire process. My husband & I downsized from a 4-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom condo. I was a bit anxious about letting someone “see behind the curtain” but she made me feel incredibly at ease and didn’t make me feel judged for years of clothing build-up and lack of organization. The best part was how self-sufficient and autonomous Alexis was, which made all the difference for me trying to juggle the move, work, and other projects I had going on. Alexis will work with you to understand how you function in your space to make sure that whatever system is put in place supports your usual routine so the work she does can be easily maintained going forward. We’re already booking Alexis for the next project-our kitchen! Looking forward to it!!!

Celin Miller

Alexis gave my husband and I a home bar that made our living room look stunning. She was a pleasure to work with, and using her Virtual Design service was absolutely wonderful. I will work with her again when we move into our new home!

Jessica Hadley

Alexis is amazing and has such an eye for decorating. She was able to use items from around my house to re-decorate the space and he helped me realize the minimalist vision I was after!

Shannon Chapman

Working with Alexis was an absolute dream! Her ability to hone in on your soul desired style is a rare gift. She took my home and turned it into the boho/cozy home of my dreams and beyond. She thought of things I would never think of, but that executed the style and vibe so effortlessly. Her passion, vision and attention to detail are unparalleled. She taught me how to make my environment inviting, a place I want to be, and one that gives me joy.

Anna Bohn

Alexis helped me completely transform my closet from an overflowing, overwhelming, chaotic area into an efficiently organized, clutter-free space that feels balanced and impressive. Her kindness, decisiveness, and creativity made the whole process stress-free and allowed for us to finish the project on time and under budget. Highly recommend!

Lauren Barnyard

I have personally recommended Alexis to several friends and will be using her again for my outside patio!

Brian Franke

Alexis invests in her clients’ spaces like they’re her own. She’s always available for her clients, even when working in different regions, and she actively kept my priorities top of mind when helping to design my space.

Taylor dabbah

Alexis came to my bungalow & in one day she completely transformed my entire front area which included a dining room, office, living room, & front patio/porch area. She was able to do all this with ZERO dollars!! I’m new to working from home so having a professional help me arrange my work space & my home space was so incredibly amazing. I needed it so bad. I have not changed a thing since she left. I love the flow of my space & I love that she took everything into consideration. My view, my work space, my sweet patio that I share with all my company. It needed some professional TLC & I found the right girl for the job. Thank you Lexi! I truly have enjoyed working with you & living in my new & improved home.

Viviana Luna

Alexis is decisive, easy to work with, and works FAST! She was able to balance my needs and preferences and make a point for design. What’s more, she presents clear choices that you can decide with great confidence. I highly recommend Alexis! 

Jennifer Clare

Alexis arrived on time, and organized everything in a cozy and fashionable way. She definitely has an eye for organizing. I’m so happy with my “new” home, thanks to Alexis!

Janette Sanchez

Working with Alexis was fantastic. She took the time to get to know my goals and interests to put together a design that matched my design aesthetic. She identified items at various different price points to allow me to prioritize buying furniture and decor that I liked while still being able to execute the plan within my budget.

Geoff Smith

Alexis is amazing! She works quickly! She gave me a time line on how things will go and she made it happen. From the design board, to measuring and then to sending me links of the decorative items I should get happed almost immediately!  She incorporated my personality, lifestyle & hobbies into the design! Out of 1-5 stars, I give Alexis 7 stars!

Brian Gray

Alexis is amazing at what she does! We hired her for virtual staging for my client’s home and we’re beyond impressed with what she did. My clients were able to get their home sold faster than any other house in the neighborhood! 

Michael Webb

I am beyond thankful to have been able to work with Alexis in styling my home! I was incredibly overwhelmed after buying my home and starting from scratch with everything. Alexis made the entire process so stress free, exciting, and saved me an incredible amount of time! She took my lifestyle (dogs), personal style, and feedback into account throughout the entire process to create a beautiful, personalized, relaxing space. I also valued how she was always available via facetime and text as we went through the process together and was so efficient! 

Ashleigh Morgan

I’m someone who admittedly gets overwhelmed with any ideas of home decorating, Alexis’ “room refresh” service was exactly what I needed for my new apartment. We worked together, and with her guidance and speedy mood board, I moved in & immediately felt more at home than I ever have.

Christa Carlson

Working with Alexis was so fun! She used her keen eye to virtually design me a home office I absolutely love. She perfectly balanced her creativity with what fit me and my style.

Jackie Holmes

I hired Alexis for a staging job and now for my own home! We’re currently 90% done with styling my living room and sitting room and I’m thrilled with the direction we’re heading in. I am absolutely certain I could not have gotten my place to look this good without her assistance. For starters, she helped stop me from making impulse purchases. She reaffirmed some design choices I was thinking of ( but didn’t do it because I needed reassurance ) and helped me arrange my furniture for an open and cohesive look and feel. Alexis’ enthusiasm for design is infectious! The experience will change how I shop. Thank you Alexis!

Lisa Mindus